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Parking Notices / Fines

Pay Parking Fines Online

You may also pay parking notices by contacting our Customer Service Center: 1-888-682-7275

Or you can mail in payment (Do Not Send Cash) for your parking notice to the address below:

LAZ Parking, LLC
PO Box 400
Crugers, NY 10521

Parking Notice Fine Schedule

1st Offense2nd OffenseSubsequent Offense
Partial or Non-Payment of parking fee$15.00$35.00$60.00
Parking in improper space $15.00$35.00$60.00
Parking in two spaces$15.00$35.00$60.00
Parking in time regulated space$15.00$35.00$60.00
Parking in permit space without proper permit$20.00$35.00$60.00
Parking in permit space without permit $20.00$35.00$60.00
Parking in designated snow area$50$50$50
Parking in Handicapped space without proper ADA permit$75$75$75
Parked in Reserved Electric Charging Space with Non Electric Powered Vehicle$60$60$60

Repeat violators are notified and subject to Vehicle Immobilization (boot) or towing upon $250 of accumulated unpaid parking notices.

If vehicle is towed, owner shall be responsible for all fees related to the towing of the vehicle in addition to accumulated parking notice fines.

In the event of Vehicle Immobilization or tow contact:

LAZ Parking
P.O. Box 400, Crugers, NY 10521